Electricity Rates In Texas - Protect yourself from rising rates with Amigo Energy.
Monday, August 29, 2016

Fight Rising Electricity Rates in Texas with Amigo Energy

Electricity rates in Texas are on the rise. As electricity prices go up, you may feel the need to cut back on your energy usage to keep your energy bill from increasing and seriously impacting your budget. As your air conditioner is one of the largest portions of your electricity usage, especially over the summer, it seems most ideal to turn it off at times you can't afford your bill. However, the Texas sun can be incredibly unforgiving and as the temperature rises during the summer months it can be very dangerous, even causing heat-related illnesses such as heat stroke. So you are forced to keep our air conditioner running, putting you at risk of a large bill you can't afford, especially as the rates go up. Then, if you have trouble paying your Texas electricity bill, you worry that your electricity provider may turn off your service, leaving you and your family subject to the damages the heat can cause you.

But there is one way you can fight the rising electricity rates in Texas: Amigo Energy. Amigo Energy offers some of the cheapest electricity rates on the market, which you can lock in for terms of up to 24 months. While those around you could be suffering from inflated rates and rising bills, you could enjoy the same low rate for an extended period of time, insuring you against the rising electricity rates in Texas and keeping your air conditioner running throughout the summer heat. Amigo Energy cares about protecting you and your family and keeping you cool over the summer. While you worry that electricity companies are finding ways to get more money out of your pocket, Amigo Energy rewards you for locking in their low rates with promotional sign on bonuses, extra bill credits for referring your friends, and regular contests and giveaways.

If you are looking for protection against both the heat and the electricity rates in Texas, visit Amigo Energy online today at

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Are Electricity Rates in Texas Causing Some Concern in Your Household?

A fair number of people in Texas become filled with anxiety when the mail carrier comes. Yes, it can be a little scary to see that electricity bill get dropped in the mail box. The big fright comes after opening up the bill and taking a look at the total amount owed. For a number of people in Texas, that total amount seems to be ever increasing, but there are ways to combat high electricity rates in Texas.

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Are Electricity Rates in Texas Causing Some Concern in Your Household?

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