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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Costs of Electricity in Texas Will Continue to Rise, but Amigo Energy Fights Back

It is no secret that electricity in Texas is getting more and more expensive. The cost of energy production is climbing, and many of these costs are being passed down to consumers. Customers suffer from high electricity bills, compounded by the fact that they face electricity rates that go up on a regular basis. This can throw budgets into a tailspin and spike energy bills. Amigo Energy understands the struggles that the average family faces in dealing with rising electricity rates in Texas, so they have come up with a solution to help the average family stabilize their energy bills and reward them in the process.

The answer is fixed-rate energy plans. Instead of being subjected to the rising rates associated with the variable products other electricity companies offer, customers of Amigo Energy are able to sign up for a fixed rate plan where they pay the same electricity rate for a fixed term. In addition to this protection from fluctuating energy costs, Amigo Energy also offers incentives, such as bill credits which help lower your energy bill. So not only will the average family have the peace of mind knowing that their energy costs will be stable, but they also will have money in their pockets to relieve the stress they endured with other companies. These attractive plans are what keep customers coming to Amigo Energy, and the supreme customer service that they provide is what keeps the customers staying there when it is time to renew their plans. Some electricity providers in Texas find ways to charge more to its customer, but Amigo Energy is trying keeping customers happy and comfortable with their energy provider by keeping their prices low and offering superb customer service and rewards.

If you need a new provider of electricity in Texas and you do not know where to turn, contact Amigo Energy today and fight back against rising energy rates. Visit them online today at

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