Understanding Your Amigo Energy Bill

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Bill ABill BBill CBill D
Bill A

Billing Address

The address Amigo Energy has on record for all correspondence mailed to you.

Amigo Energy Contact Information

Amigo Energy’s physical address, customer service phone number, email address, and Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT) license number.

Bill Summary

A summary of:

  1. Previous Balance - any amount unpaid from previous bill.
  2. New Charges - sum of all electric service charges and sales taxes for current Bill Period.
  3. Payments/Adjustments - any payments or adjustments received by Amigo Energy since the previous bill.
  4. Due Amount - total amount due by Due Date to avoid Late Payment Penalty.
  5. Due Date - the date by which your payment is due for this Bill Period.

Energy Usage Calculation

A summary of:

  1. Meter - the unique number that identifies the Service Address meter.
  2. Type - indicates whether your bill is based on an actual or an estimated usage. Note: in the event your bill is based on a usage estimate by your Transmission and Distribution Service Provider (TDSP) you will see “Est” in this section.
  3. Date - reflecting the current Billing Period.
  4. Curr. Rd. - the current numerical read on your meter by your TDSP.
  5. Prev. Rd. - the numerical read on your meter from the previous reading by your TDSP.
  6. Mult - the multiplier used to calculate your bill.
  7. Usage - the amount of energy in kilowatt hours (kWh) consumed during the Billing Cycle.

Current Charges

The amount of energy consumed, multiplied by your contracted all-in rate (includes charges assessed by your TDSP).

Sales Taxes

Sales Tax collected by authorized taxing authorities, such as state, cities, and special purpose districts.

Total Amount Due

The amount you are required to pay by the Due Date to avoid a Late Payment Penalty.

Bill B

Bill Number

A unique identifier specific to the billing statement for the month in which this bill was generated.

Electricity Service Identifier (ESI ID #)

The unique number that identifies your electric service location. This is not the same as your account number.

Service Address

The address to which electricity is being supplied.

Bill Period

The dates in which you were supplied electricity and for which this bill was generated.

Bill C

Contract Details

The electricity plan you are currently receiving service under, the average price you pay for electricity the billing cycle, and the contract expiration date.

Usage History

A graph showing your historical monthly usage patterns for up to 13 months.

Bill Payment Assistance Program

An opportunity to assist other Amigo Energy customers with their electricity bill. This program is mandated and monitored by the PUCT.

Bill D

Late Payment Penalty

A charged assessed for late payments in accordance with the PUCT.

Bar Code

An internal code used by Amigo Energy to process your payments.