Smart Irrigation: Saving Water and Money with Skydrop

Improving the efficiency of your home can be as easy as using your smartphone. With home automation, it’s possible to set timers on everything from your air conditioning to your living room lamps.

Now, Skydrop Smart Irrigation brings that same automation technology to your sprinkler system, saving you up to 30% on your monthly water bill, depending on your location and water use. If you’re wasting water and money trying to keep your lawn lush all summer, a smart irrigation system could pay for itself in savings. Read on to learn more about how Skydrop water sprinklers work and what they could do for the environment—and your wallet.


How Skydrop Works

The Skydrop Smart Irrigation Controller is a wall-mounted device that connects directly to your existing sprinkler system. Once installed, the controller allows you to customize your watering system to the exact specifications of your lawn and garden. You’ll be able to input data about your lawn, including soil type, plant type, and sprinkler type, as well as the slope and shape of the area being watered. Once all of this information is entered, Skydrop automatically adjusts its watering cycle to the most optimal schedule, giving your yard the exact amount of water it needs.

For some other auto sprinklers, Texas summers are a little too hot and unpredictable. Not so for Skydrop. The system is Wi-Fi enabled, so it can use local weather data to adapt your watering schedule to ensure you aren’t watering your property when there’s rain in the forecast.   Here’s a closer look at some of the benefits Skydrop can provide.  

1. Dynamic Watering Cycles

One of the Skydrop system’s most useful features is its ability to monitor local weather patterns to prevent watering when there’s an expected rainstorm. Skydrop uses your home’s Wi-Fi to monitor local weather data once per hour, and it adjusts your watering schedule automatically to maintain optimal soil moisture. Conversely, when the weather is particularly dry, Skydrop automatically increases your water use to keep your lawn and gardens healthy. This system maximizes the efficiency of your home irrigation and saves you money every time over-watering is avoided.  
Skydrop uses a deep-watering strategy, which is designed to give your lawn and vegetable gardens what they need. Everything is managed automatically, so there’s nothing for you to forget.

  2. Easy Mobile Access

Like many new home automation technologies, Skydrop can be controlled directly from your smartphone. This Wi-Fi sprinkler controller takes the guesswork out of your initial programming since you can test each zone from your phone to make sure your system is functioning. Once you’ve set your preferences, you can easily adjust your watering schedule at any time, keeping your sprinklers off when you’re spending time in your yard, for instance.


3. Eco-friendly Schedules

Water shortages across the United States have led to many communities implementing rigid water restrictions. Skydrop’s smart irrigation system, turns on only during the allowed times. The system also makes it easy to conserve water year-round, since the dynamic scheduling prevents your system from turning on when it’s not needed. Overall, it’s a great fit for your sustainable lifestyle.  
The EPA estimates that smart auto sprinkler systems like the Skydrop system could save an average home over 8,800 gallons of water annually. Implemented nationally, Skydrop could potentially save the US over 120 billion gallons of water per year, amounting to over $435 million in savings. You can be part of that solution by cutting back on your own water use.  

Skydrop can take the hassle out of managing your home’s irrigation system. And thanks to smarter scheduling and dynamic water cycles, the system could potentially pay for itself in savings. So let Skydrop do all of the heavy lifting for you, and get back to enjoying your lawn.

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