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carbon offsets

How to Minimize Your Carbon Footprint with Carbon Offsets

by Amigo Energy | March 21, 2017 | Community, Environmentally Friendly Energy, Reduced Use

Conserving energy is just the tip of the iceberg these days. To really make a difference, you need to reduce your carbon footprint significantly—down to zero, if possible. But beyond giving more thought to things like travel and energy consumption, the path to carbon neutrality remains a mystery to most; some people buy hybrid cars,…Read more


Smart vs. Programmable Thermostats

by Amigo Energy | February 23, 2017 | Community

Proper use of programmable thermostats can save around $180 per year on heating and cooling costs according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). But let’s be honest—how many homeowners properly use programmable thermostats? These small devices can be complicated to use on the simplest of days, and program changes for Daylight Saving Time or school-less…Read more


8 Ways to Conserve Energy at the Office

by Amigo Energy | February 15, 2017 | Environmentally Friendly Energy, Reduced Use

Are you interested in boosting your company’s energy efficiency, but worried about the investment required? You’re in luck—installing solar panels and new windows aren’t the only ways to make your workplace more energy efficient; any business can be eco-friendly by inspiring employee efforts and kicking off initiatives to conserve energy across the company. Here are…Read more


6 Things that Cause Power Outages in Texas

by Amigo Energy | February 8, 2017 | Community, Texas

If you’ve lived in Texas for long, chances are you’re all too familiar with power outages. These events occur fairly frequently in the state thanks to characteristics of its land and weather. Texas is a diverse state, with climates turning from arid to humid as you go west to east, so there’s a lot of…Read more


7 Green Energy Leaders in Texas

by Amigo Energy | February 1, 2017 | Environmentally Friendly Energy, Reduced Use

Though you may not think of oil-country Texas as a green energy state, plenty of businesses, government organizations, and progressive individuals have become sustainability champions for the state. Texas, called a “Renewable Energy Pioneer” by the Wall Street Journal, actually has the most wind power capacity and the most solar potential of any state. It’s…Read more


4 Ways a Smart Thermostat Can Save Energy

by Amigo Energy | January 26, 2017 | Community, Environmentally Friendly Energy, Reduced Use

Smart thermostats are the next generation of home technology. Not only are they sleek and smart, but they also provide a wealth of information about your home’s power use that can help you improve your overall energy efficiency.   Here are four ways a smart thermostat can help you conserve energy in your home. 1….Read more


Choosing Your Texas Commercial Electricity Company

by Amigo Energy | January 19, 2017 | Community, Environmentally Friendly Energy

Since energy deregulation in 2002, Texas companies have been able to shop around for better electric rates and enjoy customized plans that better suit their needs. At Amigo Energy, we believe you should be informed as you make a decision about which Texas commercial electricity company to choose. To help you get started, here are…Read more

Super Bowl LI

Super Bowl LI in Houston : Billions of Watts and Millions of Dollars

by Amigo Energy | January 12, 2017 | Community

From Janet Jackson’s notorious “wardrobe malfunction” to Beyoncé’s blackout performance in Nola, the Super Bowl never fails to electrify the American public—and we haven’t even mentioned the action before and after halftime. We know that people, including fans like you, put a lot of energy into the big game, but you may also be curious…Read more

5 Energy-Saving Resolutions

5 Easy Energy-Saving Resolutions for 2017

by Amigo Energy | January 4, 2017 | Community, Environmentally Friendly Energy, Reduced Use, Science

It’s 2017, and you know what that means: it’s resolution time again. Joining the gym and eating healthy are respectable goals, but why not try something new and make this year the year you beef up your home’s energy efficiency? Here are five easy energy-saving resolutions that are good for the environment—and for your bank…Read more

Energy Efficiency

Home Energy Efficiency Checklist

by Amigo Energy | December 22, 2016 | Community, Reduced Use

It takes a lot of energy to keep your home feeling comfortable all year long. We’ve got good news, though: there are plenty of ways you can improve your home’s energy efficiency and bring your overall energy use down. So grab a pen and start checking these efficiency-boosting initiatives off your to-do list. Install Blackout…Read more