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Green Energy Plan

  • Up to 100% renewable-energy credits
  • 24-month fixed rates
  • No-deposit electricity available
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Nights Free Plan

  • No charges from 9pm - 7am, including TDSP charges
  • 24-month fixed rates
  • No-deposit electricity available
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Residents of San Angelo know that the Concho Valley and other regional towns—like Blanket—get so dry, you feel like you’re spitting cotton. In fact, a large percentage of the area fluctuates between abnormally dry and exceptional drought severity.2 This not only affects local industries like ranching and cotton farming but also how much residents pay for their electricity and water.

At Amigo Energy, we get it—conserving energy and water not only serves the public good, but can also lower your bills. That’s why we offer smart add-ons like JustGreen energy with every one of our energy plans. When you couple smart conservation with a competitive, fixed rate from Amigo Energy, you’ll save energy and still stay cool during those dry summer months.


Get a competitive, fixed rate from Amigo


Support renewable energy with a JustGreen add-on to any plan

This Ain’t Our First Rodeo—Let Us Help You

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What to Expect When Moving to the River City

Corpus Christi Corpus Christi

If you’re moving to San Angelo, you’ll have plenty of entertainment options. Take in the beauty of the International Waterlily Collection or beat the heat at the EH Danner Museum of Telephony. If you love the sun then moving to San Angelo won’t disappoint. Since the city is located in West Texas, San Angelo gets consistently warm temperatures. With San Angelo experiencing as many as 250 sunny days a year, your energy bill is sure to feel the heat too. If you’d rather keep cool with the A/C, instead of keeping a constant supply of frozen treats in your freezer then you need an energy provider in San Angelo that you can rely on.

Lucky for San Angelo, Texas residents, getting the energy you need at a price you want is easier than ever thanks to deregulated power. Before deregulated power, homeowners were stuck receiving power from whoever the local provider was. Now, instead of being subjected to the whims of the local power company, you get the power to decide who provides your home with power. This also means that you get to decide on the plan that best fits your needs and budget. So choose the company that knows Texas—Amigo Energy. We’ve been providing Texans with power for 15 years and counting. As a retail energy provider (REP), Amigo Energy offers a variety of packages to give you the right fit, whether that’s a 24-month fixed rate or a package that includes nights free electricity. When you choose Amigo Energy, you get deregulated power the way you want it for your new San Angelo home.

Make your move that much easier by signing up for a plan with Amigo Energy. Helpful customer service representatives can even offer tips to save energy in your new hometown. So, whether you spend your nights enjoying a walk by the river or at home watching a movie with the kids rest easy knowing you have Amigo Energy on your side.

Get More from Your Energy Provider in San Angelo, Texas

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The days of being dissatisfied with your energy provider are long gone. With all the options available for energy in San Angelo, you don’t have to feel stuck with a less than ideal energy plan. In fact, thanks to deregulated power, getting the plan your home needs is now easier than ever. Take advantage of your options and switch to a provider who cares about your needs and understands the San Angelo climate.

Amigo Energy makes it easy for residents like you to switch over to the plan and price that works for you. If you’re looking for more stability with your utility bill, Amigo has affordable fixed rate plans. You’ll never be left hanging when you have questions or concerns, regardless if you’re new to Amigo Energy or a long-time customer. It’s important to have customer service you can rely on, and Amigo Energy’s 4-star rated service delivers with more than one way to get the help you need, stay informed about your bill, and access your account with ease.5 If you’re looking to make your home more environmentally aware, Amigo offers an array of green energy options as well that fit your needs.

With the average energy bill in San Angelo hovering around $588 a year, there is a lot of room for savings.6 Unlike other companies who just send you a bill at the end of the month, we’ll send you an email detailing your weekly energy use for better planning, conserving, and savings on your bill. You’ll stay notified so you can take control of your usage. As one of the longest standing energy providers in Texas, we’ve been around long enough to understand the needs of a Texas homes and families. Make the switch today and see how Amigo Energy can work for you.

Amigo Energy FAQ

I’m moving. What do I need to do?

If you are moving and would like to transfer your service to a new location, you can call 1-888-469-2644 and provide the Amigo Energy customer service representative with your move-out date (for disconnection) for your current location, a move-in date (to start service) for your new location, as well as the new service address. If you wish to discontinue service with Amigo Energy, please call and provide us with your move-out date and a forwarding address for your final bill.

What is My Amigo?

The My Amigo web portal is a 24/7 online self-service portal where Amigo Energy customers can make payments, view account history, manage settings, and more.

Do I pay the last bill from my current provider? How do I know there will not be more charges?

You are responsible for paying the remainder of your energy bill with your current provider. Once Amigo Energy acquires your meter you will no longer generate usage charges with your previous provider. If you switch to Amigo Energy prior to the end of your current contract, your current provider may charge exit fees. Make sure you are aware of the terms of service and any obligations you may have with your current provider before requesting a service provider change.

How much does it cost to start service or switch to Amigo?

The cost to initiate new service or switch to Amigo Energy depends on the type of service activation requested and your service region. In very few cases, there is a charge for the cost of the Transmission and Distribution Service Provider (TDSP) to activate your service. Typically, however, there are no charges when you have an Automated Meter System (AMS), which usually allows us to remotely activate service.

Do I need to let my current provider know that I am switching?

No, it is not necessary to notify your current provider of your intent to switch. One or two days before your switch is complete your current provider will be notified that a switch is taking place.

Service as Smart as a Great Horned Owl


Nights Free Electricity

You won’t rack up charges for energy used between 9 o’clock at night and 7 o’clock in the morning if you sign up for the Nights Free Plan from Amigo Energy.


Refer-a-Friend $25 Bill Credit

The Amigo Energy Refer-a-Friend Program comes with some real perks. When you refer a friend, you both get a $25 credit to your account. Contact an Amigo Energy advisor today to learn more.


My Amigo Online Portal

The My Amigo online portal gives you access to special offers, estimates of your future bills, a history of your energy usage, and an overview of your account.


Weekly Usage Emails

Find out how you use energy in your San Angelo home with weekly usage emails. Save more energy every week with smarter technology from Amigo Energy.